Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday is for church

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The Quincy Community United Methodist Church is located on Beale Street, the commercial hub of Wollaston. This church is significant both as the first and oldest Methodist Church congregation in Quincy and in the development of Wollaston as a community. The construction of the Wollaston Methodist Church was done in two stages. In 1924, a parish house was built in the Tudor Revival style and a new sanctuary was added in the same style in the 1950s.

Come back tomorrow to get a closer look at that red 2-wheeler parked outside . . . you're in for a treat.


BeanTownBoy said...

Very nice. You do great research, too.

marley said...

Great minds think alike! Thanks for answering my question about the library, to answer yours - no I haven't been inside and yes it does have some stained glass windows :)

Pat said...

Nice church building! I loved reading your post!


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Southern Heart said...

That is beautiful...I loved reading your comment, too. I always enjoy my visits here!

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