Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bigelow Chapel

[click image to enlarge]

This Gothic Revival Chapel from the 1840s is located at Mt. Auburn Cemetery and was designed by Dr. Jacob Bigelow working with Quincy architect, Gridley Bryant. This chapel is constructed of Quincy granite and is used for memorial services and soon will be used for wedding receptions. Visit Clulessinboston to see the exquisite stained glass windows from inside and meet the director of services and functions in this chapel.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone!


brattcat said...

What a beautiful little building. And you've framed it so pleasingly with those new leaves in so many different shades of green, white, yellow, red. Really lovely shot.

Tales From The Ink said...

I love that it has a romanitic, soft, goth feel in it's structure.

marley said...

A stunning building. Enjoy your day too :)

Anonymous said...

Gridley Bryant was the fellow who got the granite to the Bunker Hill Monument on his First Railroad. He was not an architect. Did the granite for the Chapel come on that railroad too?

TechnoCycle said...

Gridley Bryant's son was Gridley Fox Bryant, an architect that did design work on the chapel and designed much of Victorian Boston.

See: Building Victorian Boston
The Architecture of Gridley J. F. Bryant

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