Friday, April 16, 2010

Post Office 02170

The Wollaston Post Office was bathed in late afternoon light at the end of Tax Day yesterday.

It's Friday once again and this is my contribution to the Skywatch Friday group. Click here to see more skies from around the world.


Quiet Paths said...

This PO reminds me of the one in a town/city not far from us. It's an older model and not one you see much of anymore. Yours is a peaceful photo. Nice building with a lovely sky.

~Cheryl said...

That post office probably saw a lot action recently, but it's certainly full of peace in your photo. . . Or maybe it's the gorgeous sky! Thank you for leaving me a comment -- "watercolor" skies is a perfect description! Have a super weekend!

Jim said...

Great shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

brattcat said...

What a solid old building. And so quietly confident in that light.

 gmirage said...

Wow, the post office (shot is) a perfect postcard!

Have a lovely weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Such a nice cozy post office! I like to visit the local PO when we travel, they can say a lot about a place.
Ours was beset by tax day protesters yesterday! Sheesh!
Great photo, thanks for sharing!

It's Election Day 2020!