Friday, January 25, 2008

Go Goliath

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Goliath dominated the landscape and economy of Quincy for many years. The gantry crane, once the world’s largest at 328 feet tall, has been a Quincy landmark since it was built 33 years ago. The shipbuilding industry in Quincy has been idle for two decades. The glorious "shipbuilding age" in Quincy will have its final chapter written with the sale of Goliath. It will be dismantled and moved to the Romanian coast where shipbuilding is a growing industry.

Has anyone seen the movie, The Departed? The warehouse to the left is where the final shootout scene was filmed. Quincy, located just south of Boston, would like to host more movie shoots.


Beantown Today said...

That's a great photo ... so much nicer than the one in the Ledger.

smilnsigh said...

A landmark for 33 years! And it's going. Kind of sad, I expect.


Ming the Merciless said...

No, I haven't seen the movie. But I hear it's good.

The crane is huge. And all the heavy industry in the US are gone.

blueboat said...

Very sad that you are losing such a landmark. We have our own Goliath (and Samson) in Belfast.

Mass351 said...

My husband and I were just in Quincy the other weekend to take a picture for our Mass351 blog project and saw "Goliath" and were wondering what it was. That's sad it will be leaving Quincy, but it seems so many landmarks in our state end up leaving once their time has passed.

We also noticed a huge lot with a ton of new cars right near it, but no apparent car dealership. Do you know what that is? We were guessing that new cars get dropped off there after being shipped from overseas?

slim said...

Thank you all for visiting. It is kind of sad to see Goliath go because of all it represented to the city.

I personally liked the idea of turning it into a restaurant . . .

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