Monday, January 28, 2008

John Hancock Plunge for Charity

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The John Hancock Birthday Plunge took place on Saturday at Mound Street Beach. The "Plunge" is a fund raiser for Interfaith Social Services and takes place as close to the birthday of John Hancock (January 23) as possible. This picture shows three swimmers posing after completing their plunge. The photos below illustrates the event in more detail.

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Swimmer in costume giving the thumbs up after testing the water temperature before the swim.

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Taking the plunge in the cold ocean waters. The air temperature was just about freezing and the water temperature was approximately 40 Fahrenheit or 4C.

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Getting out of the water as fast as possible.


Jim said...

Oh that looks just a bit cold.

FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

That's WICKED cold! I could never do that.

Beantown Today said...

Fantastic series of photos!

I can't even go out in cold weather anymore, let alone get in the water!

kunal bhatia said...

WOW, that seems really cold. It's 10 degrees celsius in Mumbai and we've never had such cold before...
- Mindless Mumbai

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