Friday, August 01, 2008

August Theme Day . . . Metal

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"Goliath", the largest gantry crane in North America is being dismantled at the Fore River Shipyard and moved to a shipyard in Romania this month. I thought that the 3,000 tons of metal pictured here would provide a good post particularly because Quincy is saying goodbye to this landmark that's more than 3 decades old.

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Jilly said...

That's a massive piece of metal! Always sad to say goodbye to anything that old. I guess it's outlived its uses. Nice photo.

Meg said...


Goliath, Goliath, bound in steel
Goliath, Goliath, fell in the field
A beardless boy not fully grown
Brought him down with a sling and a stone.

Goliath's mother wept and mourned
Remembering the day when he was born
Goliath's children got the blame
Goliath, Goliath, got the fame.

Words by Pete Seeger

© 1966 by Fall River Music Inc."

My father was very fond of Pete Seeger, making this a poem I grew up with. It can be found on his "Dangerous Songs!?" albums as "Medley: Ode To Joy/ Goliath Goliath"

I will definately miss Goliath in the distance.

USelaine said...

I hope it doesn't signal the decline of shipping in your port! There are some things that just can't be outsourced. Nice idea for the theme.

marley said...

That is a massive quantity of metal! Great for theme day :)

D.C. Confidential said...

Great photo. Too bad it won't continue to be part of Quincy's skyline. Is it being replaced by something bigger?

Happy Theme Day! And have a great weekend.


slim said...

Meg- I don't recall hearing that rhyme before . . . thanks for sharing it.
Urselaine- Unfortunately it is not cost effective to build ships here any longer. A few attempts were made to restart the Shipyard but those attempts all failed.
Jilly- It is sad to see an industry put to bed . . . particularly sad for those still living in Quincy who made their livlihood there.
d.c- It is not being replaced with something bigger. The area was bought by a Car Dealership and the owner is working on a few plans for the space . . . stay tuned.
I hear that more movies will be filmed in some of the remaining warehouse buildings this summer.
Thank you all for stopping and commenting.

babooshka said...

It's superbly named. Dwrafs any of the indutrial cranes here. On eof the biggest statement metals today.

lv2scpbk said...

A good sky watch photo.

PJ said...

Now I know where the got the idea for some of the metal giants i Star Wars. Great historical record as well as photo.
Pensacola Daily Photo

Z said...

I'm glad to hear that it's going to be re-used, though Romania -- that's quite some fuel burnt for shipping. I guess overall that might be the best use of resources.

Thank you for your kind comment over on my Villigen blog.

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