Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday is "This Old House Day"

[click image to enlarge]

This grand Queen Anne at 39/41 Grandview Avenue is getting a "master painting" treatment. The tall 3-story tower was the status symbol of the 1890s. I couldn't put the ladder in place, let alone climb it and paint.


Abraham Lincoln said...

I liked your description related to the ladder. It takes some muscles to do that and it would take more guts than I got to climb up there.

We have one house in our town that is similar to this one and our house is on a historical register and it is just about as ornate as it ever got. The paint job takes a long time and involves many different colors of green. In the end it looks nice though, as your house does.

D.C. Confidential said...

I don't have vertigo, but that picture makes me dizzy! Look at the calves on that guy's legs. Painter aside, beautiful home!

• Eliane • said...

Watch out when you go down the ladder! ;)

Professor said...

This house is going to be even more amazing when they're done with the facelift. I grew up around big old houses like this- thank you for the pictures- makes me feel like home! love it!