Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Learning To Skate

[click image to enlarge]

Most of the ponds are frozen over and new skates are being tried out. I have fond memories of skating inside my mom's skates to stay upright. Have you ever ice skated?


bitingmidge said...

That's a wonderful shot!

The only Ice we see is in a glass of cola!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

The Lone Beader said...

I have only ice-skated about once in my life. I prefer rollerskates! :D

gogouci said...

I love ice skating. Had great fun teaching the kids and can recall, my father teaching me. Too bad the closest ice skating rink is an hour away. Great shot.

George Townboy said...

I used to skate at the Public Garden when I was a kid! Nice shot.

Carol said...

I love this photo...it brings back memories...I used to ice skate every evening where I grew up in the Berkshires...I still like to skate

لقاء الاحبة said...

I used to skate at the Public Garden


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