Sunday, September 06, 2009

Foundation Trilogy

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I hope Mr. Asimov doesn't mind me borrowing his title. The foundation work at the new high school is pretty fascinating process to watch. The red brick building in the background is the math, science and technology wing of the new high school which was opened last February.


Sunny said...

Very interesting pictures. I like the colors and the details of the construction.
Sunny :)

brattcat said...

Gotta say, I really admire this series. You've found such beauty in the raw process of destruction and construction. And in these shots today you not only have a trilogy of images (I'm fairly certain Mr. Asimov would be delighted), but you've got three groupings of three humans in the top shot. Spooky, eh?

Jacob said...

That's going to be a big school! I really like that first shot...and I don't care what anybody says! Put that in those pipes and smoke it!


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