Thursday, March 11, 2010

Special Theme Day: The Tenin Technique

Today we celebrate Eric Tenin, a great guy who has spread a lot of friendship and inspiration around the world since posting his first image at Paris Daily Photo in 2005 and thus starting the City Daily Photo blogging community that Quincy Daily Photo is a part of.

Community members are paying tribute to Eric today, on the 5th anniversary of his blog, by imitating some of his favorite photo techniques like this image where I placed my camera on the ground to capture the walkers from an unusual angle.

You can view Eric's blog at, Paris Daily Photo. Thank you, Eric!

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants celebrating the "Tenin Technique" and enjoy!

"This Old House Thursday" will be back next week.


Tash said...

Love the photo! The angle sure works well and the colors are wonderful.

Kim said...

Hey, that turned out so nice! I love the white skirt's movement in the breeze and the sense of action with all the walkers. The POV really gives your shot a dynamic feel. Love that BLUE sky, too!

brattcat said...

Excellent choice, Slim!

MarilynB said...

Hey, I found Quincy Daily Photo through Paris Daily Photo!

The Lone Beader said...

I think I started reading Prague Daily Photo first. I have personally met the author of that blog! Anyways, great angle. I walked the beach the other day!

griswaldandkya said...


Petrea said...

Love the way this shot works.

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