Saturday, April 03, 2010

Difficult Choices

I just got the news that due to a budget shortfall in the city, the library hours will be cut back and the library will be closed on Sundays beginning tomorrow! It's too bad that in tough times, when library use is at it's peak by the community, libraries are one of the first services to be cut.

This is an interior view of the original H.H. Richardson building. It was beautifully refurbished in 2001, when the addition was added.


RNSANE said...

Sunday library use is so important for students and sad that it must be cut on that day. Beautiful library, though!

Beak Wilder said...

Wow, that stinks! At least we're better off than Hull, though.

Sorry to hear about this, Slim. I can tell you're big on the library.

Tough times.

T. Becque said...

That does look like a nice library, not so industrial like some of ours around here. I'm in education so I feel that budget cutting myself!

brattcat said...

beautiful light shed on this not-so-beautiful story so close to so many of our hearts.

Jan J. said...

Gorgeous library - now I can see where our friends who live there go. People have their priorities wrong sometimes. Our libraries are packed right now as people use the computers and books to find a way to get by. That said, our library has never been open on Sunday in all the years I have lived here. It closes at noon on Saturday and always has. And despite the modern new building with circular tower area, the books are often woefully out of date. Again, not a wise choice!

Marie-Noyale said...

Every image you show of that library makes me wish we had such a nice one here too!!
What a strange idea to close it on a Sunday I would have pick Monday instead!

Attie's Mom said...

The Quincy library ROCKS. We just moved from the area, and like most things you don't know what you have until it is gone. I took for granted the amount of programming they have. Something for everyone; kids, seniors, movie lovers, foodies, computer classes, live music, art displays etc.
I have not found anything that compares in our new area.
Too bad that they had to make the choice to close on Sundays. The Thomas Crane library is a wonderful asset in Quincy.

Count Down

Quincy Center T garage is being demolished one floor at a time.  This view is taken from an empty Burgin Parkway looking south.