Saturday, March 03, 2012

Willard School Building

This beautiful Gothic and Tudor Revival style building was built in 1891 as a school for children of the granite workers in West Quincy; it housed 1000 students at its peak. Not only is this building unusual for the picturesque style chosen for its architecture, but also it is unique for its tripartite plan; no other school in Quincy was built with this configuration. The Boston firm of Sturgis & Cabot (John H. Sturgis and W. R. Cabot) were the architects for the Willard School and borrowed some design influence from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The building was named in honor of Solomon Willard, the "Father of the Granite Industry" and the architect and builder of Quincy's City Hall, and the Bunker Hill Monument

The Willard School was unfortunately closed in 1982 (due to a budget crisis) and sold for use as office condos.

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