Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Natural Attraction

The purple asters in Squantum Point Park are still attracting butterflies.


Birdman said...

Squantum: always wanted to ask. Where does that name come from? I'm thinking Native American. Have heard it often over the years on WBZ.

slim said...

You would be right thinking Native Americans, Birdman. It was the Algonquins who called the "Chapel" area of the peninsula, Musquantum. Legend has is it that Musquot and his squaw, Squanit taught the newcomers how to make shelter and plant crops to survive the harsh winters; it became a sacred place. Ironically the Natives did not survive the plague or the many attacks on their people. A few English settlers gradually took over the area; Musquantum became part of Dorchester town in 1630, and the name changed to "Squantum." That's today's history lesson ;-)

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