Monday, August 20, 2007

Reeds at Black's Creek

This shot was taken at Black's Creek, a tidal estuary about a half-mile from Wollaston Beach. Reeds are a wetland habitat and can grow to over 6 feet tall; they can grow in salt or fresh water but tend to grow at the water’s edge where their roots are wet for most of the year.


Strangetastes said...

Excellent B&W photography. Perfect contrast between sky and clouds. Were you shooting digital or film with a filter? The last several days' posts are of similar quality. I've shot that statue of Abigail Adams, too - every photographer who visits Boston must go by there.


Clueless in boston said...

Thanks for visiting. All my photos are digital - I gave up film several years ago when I got into digital, and just recently started to get serious about it. I'm not exclusively into B&W, but for some things it just seems to work better.

don said...

wow. like the blue clou around it

don said...

clou??? it must me glow

Rambling Round said...

Great photo. I like your perspective.

Winter or Spring?

March has proven to be a fickle month so far.  This pre-school play area illustrates it well.