Sunday, October 14, 2007


Trains on the Red Line and Old Colony Commuter Rail line are taken out of service while workers maintain the tracks and signalling devices at the Quincy Center Station. This work is usually done on the weekend so as not to disrupt and inconvenience the weekday commuters. But sometimes . . .


• Eliane • said...

Why are they shutting it down?
Nice shot, as always.

Annie said...

Cool picture

Lynette said...

Great shot for an informative post. Maintenance is essential to mass transit.

Wendy said...

I followed your comment on my blog to visit your side of the tracks. ;)

In regards to your questions - the green thing that looks like it's by the awnings - is a downtown light pole, it's like a large square trellis and has planted vines growing in them.

The disc - is a pocket park table top. Not made of marble. It's a mesh design, coated in a dark green vinyl. If something spills at these tables it trickles on down to the ground below.

Thank you for letting me know the things that stood out in the photo and for your questions.

joy said...

I think trains are special. It's like a connection between the past and present. Nice photo.

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