Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Abigail's Last Crossing

[click image to enlarge]

Since opening their doors in 1993, Abigail's Crossing ran a very successful gift store in the historic Adams Building on Hancock Street. Over the years it became a local landmark in Historic Downtown Quincy serving customers and tourists of all ages with a broad selection of gifts, collectibles, souvenirs and Quincy memorabilia. The doors will be closed sometime this spring which will leave a gap in the city for a good souvenir shop.


Midas said...

I like that name, although, it's like boarding a plane with a trip called "Final Destination"

A little spookey, huh?

Dallas Daily Photo

The Lone Beader said...

What?! Nooooo!!!! I do all my last- minute Christmas shopping there!

Kim said...

Such a charming shot!
Very inviting,
Seattle Daily Photo

Rose said...

A shame when that happens. I live in a small village and recently my fishmonger closed down. I was heart broken. I wonder how long the butcher will take :(

Beantown Today said...

this is a great shot! Too bad about the closing.

Pat said...

It's sad to see these nice little stores close. Thanks for the nice post today and lovely photo!


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