Monday, May 05, 2008

Gravel Pit Transformed

[click image to enlarge]

It's Monday and this parking lot at Crown Colony Office Park will be filling up fast. Crown Colony, located seven miles south of Boston, is an office complex built within a 175 acres gravel pit. This development accommodates two million square feet of office space in more than 13 buildings. A park-like atmosphere for the complex has been carefully established through the extensive use of tree-lined boulevards, ponds, fountains and walkways. This attractive landscaping can be attributed to MKA Landscape Architects and Mary Smith Associates of Quincy who also helped transform Marina Bay. The empty lots are good places for driving students to practice their new skills on weekends . . . so beware if you decide to go for a stroll there on a Saturday or Sunday.


D.C. Confidential said...

The colors in this are fabulous. It almost looks like an old photo of a new building. It's nice to see growth, but all that asphalt--oy. Though, in this case, I suppose it's a vast improvement over the gravel pit, eh?

• Eliane • said...

I agree with DC, although it is a brand new building it has a little vintage feel to it due to the colors.
I am making a special note to avoid the area during weekends. ;)

MarilynB said...

I am guilty of letting my son learn to drive at Crown Colony. It's a great place to practice.

lpat said...

I just love the way the colors look in this picture. It looks like an antique postcard.

Anonymous said...







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