Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Broken gear

[click image to enlarge]

I don't think this gear piece will be fixed anytime soon. I tried working this picture as a b+w, but I like the richness of the rust color.


D.C. Confidential said...

I've fallen behind in my comments at QPD lately and must catch up. That said, your photos continue to be fabulous! This one is especially vivid and I think you're right: it works best in color.

Kelly said...

This is an interesting photo, and the color is great!

Olivier said...

une belle photo de rouille. j'aime beaucoup et je suis d'accord avec toi, les photos de rouilles rendent mieux en couleurs qu'en b&w.

a beautiful picture of rust. I like very much and I agree with you, the photos make better rust colour that b&w.

• Eliane • said...

Right decision: the colors are great. I like this a lot. Would look great in my imaginary loft. ;)

• Eliane • said...

I just saw that your blog is set "This blog does not allow anonymous comments", which I think is great to limit the wackoos. How d'ya do that?

raf said...

Like your choice on this one. Colors and contrasts.

Have always wanted to ask you if your header quote is your own. I like it so much that it still makes me smile and chuckle after seeing it so many times. I would like to put it on my sidebar with your permission and credit you or whoever.

Clueless in boston said...

Slim thanks you all for your comments.

Eliane you can set who can comment by going into: Settings --> Comments. And then check either Registered users, or users with Google accounts. It's that easy.

Raf I can't take credit for the tagline. I found it someplace, I don't remember now where, so feel free to use it:) I prefer the Groucho quote on my other site, but wanted to use a different one here.

- Cluelessinboston

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