Saturday, July 12, 2008


[click image to enlarge]

Wollaston Beach is a popular place to walk on a summer evening.


New England 6x6 said...

I'm curious. What kind of equipment are/have you been using for these?

Cowbark said...

I was just walking here today! What a lovely area!

slim said...

NE 6x6- I've been shooting with a Nikon D40 (since October) and 2 different lenses--the usual kit zoom and a 55-200 which I used to take this picture. I also shoot with a Canon PS A620 that I've gotten some very acceptable images with.

Cowbark- Wow that is a great walk. Clueless & I often do a beach walk from Wollaston T to the Police Station to the yacht clubs and back which is only about 3.8 miles so I am very impressed.

Snow Blossoms 2

Some places south of Quincy are enjoying cherry blossoms while we are enjoying snow blossoms once again!