Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day 2008

[click image to enlarge]

I thought I would be posting a colorful picture of campaign signs at my polling place . . . there was a steady stream of voters . . . but no signs. So I decided to take a picture of my ballot for everyone to see. Did you know that there were so many parties represented in the bid for President? We use a paper ballot and connect the rectangles with a pen beside our choice. How do you vote?


Marie-Noyale said...

For those of us who have never voted in the States, You had a great idea to show the ballot.

angie said...

we use the same paper ballot, connecting the arrow in AZ!

The Lone Beader said...

Cool! I thought it was funny cuz the old guy at the booth next to me kept asking for help on his ballot! Of course I told him who to vote for! LOL. Then, I took a mobile shot at my polling place on the way out. Enjoy!

KT said...

Well the long wait is over.
This is a historic day. Are you happy? There is dancing in the streets here on the west coast. Today for the 1st time in many, many years I am proud to be an American. Peace out. KT

slim said...

KT- I am happy for the unity and hope this historic election seems to bring to our country and may this change bring peace to our world. The last time I felt this kind of energy was when JFK was elected.

KT said...

I am to young to have been around Kennedy. The furthest back I really remember is Nixon, and I do not remember much. Most of my life I only remember apathy, low voter turn out and people who always said "What difference will it make? Nothing will ever change anyways." I was glad to see crowds of people tonight of all colors, all ages standing together and cheering for the same thing, the same man.
Good nite. Thanks for sharing.

Nathalie said...

Oh dear, thanks for this photo, what a complicated way to vote!

In France the presidential election isn't coupled with any other election so you have small white sheets of paper (the size of a postcard) with each candidate's name on them. Inside the polling booth you chose the piece of paper you want, slip it into an envelope and put your closed envelope inside the urn.

When polling booths are closed, the urns are opened, envelopes opened, and sheets of paper put in piles and counted.

Easy system and very straightforward for voters.

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