Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Street Scene

[click image to enlarge]

This scenic street view is of Lincoln Avenue looking west. All is calm . . . all is bright after our historic election day.


MarilynB said...

Thank you for this photo. This is the street I live on. It is always so peaceful and pleasant to walk down.

The City of Presidents said...

Slim - received your comment. Took that picture a week ago to use on election day and after I posted it I ran over to see what you were up to and there it was! You had beaten me to the punch! You are my inspiration - I have been watching your blog for over a year now. I LOVE your pictures and love that you help me to see things in Quincy that I have lost sight of! I have even contacted you to use a picture here and there and you have always been so gracious. It took me awhile to jump in as I felt I could be tromping on your territory - thus the wollaston etc theme. Etc is that I fear that I won't be able to pull off a totally Wollaston theme. Love your picture today - is that software that gives us that 60's look - ahhh yes the sixties - that was the last time I felt as much pride in my country as I feel today! Thanks so much for your inspiration!

slim said...

It's my pleasure, Marilyn; Lincoln Ave. is indeed a very pleasant street.
To answer your questions, "City of Presidents" this picture was post processed with a Photoshop action that my photo partner, "Clueless In Boston" gave me. It's a neat effect with the right picture. Your comments will inspire me to keep going during the slumps that occur from time to time. I work full time and find it a challenge to post something that excites me every day or that I think others might be interested in viewing. I had no idea my pictures made a difference . . . thank you for sharing that;-) I'll look forward to viewing your posts of Wollaston.

Marie-Noyale said...

Wonderful choice of color.
I find the fall colors don't do well in a picture,it's so much nicer in reality,or as a whole.So this sepia tone works perfectly!

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