Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday is "This Old House Day"

[click image to enlarge]

This 1880 Queen Anne style house on South Central Avenue, was the residence of William Chapman, a local architect who designed numerous public buildings as well as residences. William Chapman designed the white marble wings to the Massachusett's State House in nearby Boston. Chapman's family owned this house until about 50 years ago when the present owners purchased it. We will visit this house tomorrow to look at some of the stained glass features inside. What do you think is the function of the bump out above the doorway?


Tanya said...

Gorgeous home but I'm not noticing the bump above the doorway?

MarilynB said...

I'm guessing to act as a roof over the entrance.

Marie-Noyale said...

A green house in the master bedroom?!!

DAG said...

I grew up in house in Quincy with an identical feature. In our house it was the stairway landing between the first and second floors. I miss that house.

I walk by this house frequently, nice photo , nice history.

slim said...

Marilyn - it's not much of a roof. DAG - it's not a staircase in this house. Marie-Noyale you are very close; this decorative element is used as a window seat in a sitting room complete with fireplace. If I lived there I would not want to leave that space except to restock at the library ;)

George Townboy said...

Awesome old house!

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