Saturday, March 14, 2009

Red Carpet Service

[click image to enlarge]

Curry Ace Hardware Store in West Quincy is a great place to get help for everything to do with your home. Everyone is very friendly and helpful; they even have free popcorn on Saturdays.

The amazing thing about Curry Hardware store is that there are 2 big box Home Depot stores within a mile in either direction and in spite of fierce competition, Curry Hardware thrives because of the personal service they give.

Does anyone else like hardware stores? You will get to meet one of my favorite "paint guys" tomorrow.


Tanya said...

I actually love hardware stores! And prefer the small guys to the big Home Depot and Lowes. What great service, free popcorn!

~Cheryl said...

Do the fellas behind the counter share what they're drinking? :)

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Cute store! See? There is something to say about customer service!

T said...

You should pick up Aimee Bender's "An Invisible Sign of My Own" --- she spends a little time in a hardware store and has clear motives for her affection of such places; there is an order that is irresistible.(this isn't the point of the book, but I push books whenever possible)

brattcat said...

We have a fantastic old hardware store in Brattleboro...Brown and Roberts. It is so beloved that it actually put Home Depot out of business in our town.

Slurryoffagrape said...

Here in Taunton, (Somerset, UK) we used to have a real old hardware shop called 'Spiller and Webber'........ they actually till exist, but in a backwater of town, and are a shadow of what they were. The old place was on the main street, and was a couple of floors high......... actually three I think. It had an old cranky lift if you didn't want to use the stairs, and I used to use it just for its quirkiness. The walls had loads old, small, wooden drawers storing the oddest of items quite often. The people working there were time-served, had been there for donkey's years, and knew exactly where to look for what you wanted...... and sometimes what you didn't know you wanted. Advice to a newly wed like me was free, and expert, and if you couldn't find it anywhere in town, you could bet your last quid that Spiller and Webber would have it. Sometimes it took ages to get served, but that was because the person before you, or several before you, were getting the advice, diligence to their needs, and time that you hoped for when your turn came. You could tell that a lot of their stock had been in these little drawers for a very long time, and that’s a very old fashioned way of doing business. I guess they were very inefficient compared to the big DIY chains, and so had to streamline to keep going. Shame, a real shame. :o(

Sarah said...

I will always frequent a local hardware store with good service over a chain story. It's principle! :)

That store is super cute, by the way!


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