Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Footwear on the T

[click image to enlarge]

This is a view of train riders sitting across from me on a recent trek into Boston. The red bag is a nice touch. I think footwear is an interesting subject if you follow fashion trends and fads. Blue jeans are definitely the casual clothing of choice around here. What's the casual fashion where you live?


The Lone Beader said...

Just got home from workin the Bruce Springsteen concert tonite, and almost everyone there had on jeans and a t-shirt! :D

Amy said...

How do you just randomly take pictures of people? Don't they see you doing it or do you like, pretend like you're looking at other pics while you're really taking pictures of their feet??
Still, I really like looking at your pics... I'm just curious.

Marie-Noyale said...

Where are the stilettooooos!!!

slim said...

Lone Beader-
It would be fun to document the sea of bluejeans sometime . . . there are so many variations . . . one could do a study of and a concert would be the perfect venue for an abundance of subject matter.

Amy- To answer you question - I've used all those techniques at one time or another. People involved in conversation are for the most part oblivious to you taking pictures. I also use an unobtrusive point and shoot to take those shots. If someone asks me what I'm doing - I tell them what caught my eye to photograph and let them think I'm a little eccentric or something. I also had a business card made up to earn a little trust if I need to.

Marie- Now I'm on the hunt for some high-fashion stilettoooos . . . stay tuned.

Fred said...

I noticed in NYC that everyones footwear on the train was spotless, as in almost brand new; even sneakers looked like they were shined to a high gloss!

That said, the T is usually so packed, I've rarely had opportunity to gawk below the ankle.

On jeans, I was once accosted by some guy handing out leaflets and asked is I was from 'the mid-west'. I asked, somewhat aggitated, 'why?'. "Well, you're wearing jeans and a t-shirt...", he said. I always felt j&t were standard relaxation wear when not hitting the clubs or business. I grew up in Quincy, so the comment really took me off guard...perhaps its a South Shore thing.

gbyue said...

Here jeans has been very popular as relaxation trousers since more than ten years ago.

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