Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday is "This Old House" Day

[click images to enlarge]
You may remember seeing this fine Queen Anne style house, known as the "Jewell House," located on Grandview Avenue on Wollaston Hill. I posted it in black and white here as a Monochrome Monday post. Which do you like better?

The second photo was taken last night at an excellent talk about historic Quincy houses that was given by Reference Librarian, Mary Clark at one of my favorite haunts, the Thomas Crane Library. Mary is showing the audience a volume from the Quincy Historical and Architectural Survey that was completed in 1986. The online version has been an invaluable resource for my Thursday "This Old House" series. You can view it here. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Mary incorporated many of the house images from my Thursday series into her talk. I wanted this blog to offer something worthwhile to my community and it was nice to get proof that it has.

Welcome new visitors to Quincy Daily Photo . . . enjoy!


The Lone Beader said...

Gorgeous house! I like it in colour. The black and white one reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock. :o

James said...

I like them both but if I had to pick one, color for me.

Marie-Noyale said...

The white stands out so much in The B&W...may be it is my favorite..

Congratulations on making your blog helpful to your community, I wish,
we all could do that...

DAG said...

This house would look nice even if you drew a sketch. Thanks for the link. I have just spent about an hour reading about friends houses and others that I have been in, quite interesting. Sadly at least one of the houses I knew well has been torn down for progress. I am not sure progress is the right word.

marley said...

That was nice that your photos were used, they are worthy of it.

I like the colour version of this house, its very grand.

Alina said...

You always choose such lovely old houses.

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