Tuesday, June 09, 2009


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The musical, 1776, was recently performed on the grass at the Adams National Historical Park. A player from the Randolph Theater Company is portraying John Adams seen here. 1776 relates the story of the contentious debate among our nation's founding fathers at the Second Continental Congress. This debate culminated in the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

Do you have any free "arts in the park" type events in your town during the summer months?


Lady P said...

oh my goodness - what i wouldn't give to have seen that musical!

brattcat said...

We have free Concerts on the Common all summer. But we have to pay for Shakespeare in the Park. It's worth it though we often get rained out half-way through the play. This is a great shot. The guy playing Adams is totally credible. Hope it was great.

James said...

That looks very interesting and a fun time.
I just moved to Newtown Pa near Philadelphia so I bet lots of stuff like that goes on here.
I'm going to try to find out about it.
I never saw stuff like this in Ca or Tx.
Thanks for the post and the idea.

Anonymous said...

oh yes i have been to there once. its really nice park.great shot.


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