Friday, July 03, 2009

Ready For Launch

[click image to enlarge]

This boat at Quincy's Marina Bay will be set in the water as soon as the tide is high enough. This blah gray sky has persisted this past week around here. I will have a renewed appreciation for the return of color above the horizon. Happy "Skywatch Friday" everyone and click here for more colorful skies from around the world.


brattcat said...

Looks like it's being rocked in its cradle. We actually have a little bit of sun this morning. I should go out and feel it on my skin before it goes away again.

henny said...

It's been a big issue this week with overcast sky. No problem, I can see the boat clearly without any interruption, though. Happy weekend.

Jacob said...

Overcast skies are great for photography...and this is a great photograph.

I imagine this is your boat and you're excited about getting back on the water...


Happy 4th, Slim!

Anonymous said...

nice shot. but it would be batter when it ll go to water then it look very nice.


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