Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girls Night Out

[click image to enlarge]

The Marina Bay Beach Club is one of Northeast's largest outdoor entertainment venues, This seaside nightclub attracts hundreds of night clubbers from the Boston area on any given summer night. Click here for a "cool" picture of the beach club in the wintertime.

For you football fans - Tom Brady used to live close by here.


John said...

A really good shot, love the muted colours and the atmosphere. Heaven knows how they walk in those heels.

Anonymous said...

Are these the so-called, "ladies of the night?" I don't suppose their momma knows where they are. But they and the light really go together.

brattcat said...

There must be a bit of a breeze because the flag is moving but you really convey the sense of a hot, close summer night, perhaps because of the way you've framed this. Nice work.

Beak Wilder said...

"Ladies of the night"
Hahaha, Abe!!!

gaf85 said...

Been there, done that, but nostalgia probably makes it seem like it was more fun than it probably was.
I grew up in the Squantum area and remember when it was an old beat up marina with a small snack bar that I used to work at every summer and the boat owners would come sit on their boats that were docked there. It wasn't always a glamorous setting of the rich and famous.

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