Saturday, August 15, 2009


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To brattcat and other feline fanciers - meet Tessie, my neighborhood cat. Tessie likes to take "catnaps" on the comfie cushions on our porch and I caught her waking from yet another nap . . . what a life. Tessie's owners told me that this cat came home from college with their son and they soon learned that she prefers the great outdoors year round. It seems that Tessie makes the rounds in the neighborhood just like you do, brattcat. She is friendly and a welcomed visitor.

Quincy has a leash law for dogs so no roaming canines to visit.
Do you have any neighborhood cats or dogs that visit you regularly?


hip chick said...

I do not have any neighborhood visitors. Unless you count Molly the mutt but she got into our trash and we didn't like that very much. She was not a friendly visitor.
However, I was once owned by a cat that looked very similar to your Tessie.

brattcat said...

Tessie is a most exquisite creature. Brattcat thanks you for introducing this new friend!

John said...

Yes, next door. Whenever their girls get noisy with the trampoline, or tennis or whatever the cat comes to visit us for peace and quiet; and I'm not a cat lover.

marley said...

What a cutie!

Jacob said...

Cute cat catching a catnap on your porch! Nice capture, too!

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