Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Backyard Snack

[click image to enlarge]

This sunflower patch, gone to seed, is located in the Montclair section of Quincy. You can see a hint of red fall color in the background. Fall is just getting started here.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


John said...

Great saturated greens, it would almost be summer except for the faded sunflowers. Real nice shot.

brattcat said...

You've really captured something essential here. That moment of balance between summer and fall. Beautifully done.

Ken Mac said...

wonderful enlarged. Love the old shed in the back ground.

RNSANE said...

I love the greens against the white fence and shed...very pretty picture of the end of a season and the beginning of another.

Marie-Noyale said...

A little too short for making sunflower oil!!

Pat said...

I am surely enjoying your "Gorgeous Photo's"!!! Have a wonderful evening.

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