Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pub Stop

[click image to enlarge]

This "authentic" Irish Pub is located on Billings Road in North Quincy and might be a great place to stop for some Guinness stew if the weather turns raw and rainy. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


RNSANE said...

Nice picture and the Irish stew sounds good to me, rain or shine!

John said...

Great neon shot. I suspect there are as many interpretations of "authentic Irish Pub" as there are Irish Pubs.

Rob said...

Having lived in Ireland for many years, I can only say that there are not enough irish pubs around! We have a dozen here in Barcelona, and what makes an irish pub authentic is the spirit behind it.

brattcat said...

Excellent night shot. I'd love to slip in there and have a nice beer and stew today. It's wet and miserable here.

MCCasey said...

there was a certain gangster that used to like to hang out in that pub...Great shot!

Willie said...

I grew up in this area and this place was always warm in the winter.
It also was good cover when Hurricane Gloria Came into Town.
Still Miss ya Jack Hoffman
Hey Al, Whattya-Nutz?

Bill Mallard