Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday is "This Old House Day"

[click image to enlarge]

This impressive 1870 mansardic towered house at 67 Prospect Ave. is considered a "Second Empire" house because of all its ornamentation. Just look at those windows with the elaborate lintels and the wrap around porch. I chose this angle because it enabled me to show you most of the house.

At dusk on Halloween, this house with the square tower is the fright of all the little trick or treaters who dare to tread past with older siblings who inform them that the house is haunted.


John said...

Grand old house, I can imagine it being spooky on the 31st, a little of the Psycho house about it. Can highly recommend wide angle lenses.

brattcat said...

We have a house in Brattleboro that has a terrifying scene glimpsed through the attic window set up all year round. I've tried to get a photo of it but my camera has too many limitations to overcome (and my skill level might be a bit responsible, too). This looks like a great old house, haunted or not.

RNSANE said...

Wonderful house, with so many stories. I would want my room at the very top! Except now, at 65, I'd never be able to make it up the stairs. Great photo!

Bob said...

I was born in this house on Valentine's Day, 1921. My Mother and I had to move out in August, 1941 after my Dad died. The bank was the new owner.
It remained vacant throughout World War II.
After a series of owners made a variety of modifications, the present owner is accomplishing a major overhaul of structure, exterior, and interior. Great News!


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