Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday is "This Old House Day"

[click image to enlarge]

This high federal style interior foyer is that of the Beale-Rice House, built in the 1790s, and located next door to the Adams Mansion. This house serves as offices for the National Park Service people working at the Adams National Historic Site.

You can see a picture of the exterior by clicking here.


~Cheryl said...

This is even more impressive when enlarged--the detail is marvelous! Thank you for including the link to the outside view. What a grand house! And I really like the wonderful old trees.

John said...

It's a really well lit shot of a historical monument, but I guess it also shows how tastes change. The wall decoration and the carpet are unbelievable, but they had a different approach in those days.

brattcat said...

Beautiful interior shot. Love that wall paper and the detail of the trimwork.

MCCasey said...

I have driven by this home countless times but never have seen the inside. Is it a private residence now?

marley said...

Very grand indeed!

wasim said...

nice art keep it up....!

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