Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pretty Purple Petals

Yesterday was a perfect spring day! Enjoy your Sunday everyone.


brattcat said...

Ah, aren't these first fragile blossoms of spring the most precious of gems?

tapirgal said...

I love this photo! I'm always in awe when these macros come out so beautifully! Yours certainly did.

Re: WPA and the Astoria, Oregon Post Office. I would also love to see people put back to work on similar projects. The idea was genius the first time around, and those structures were built to last, too! Think how much benefit we still get from them. Nice comments.

BTW, I posted about Hingham on my other blog yesterday, then got into some research. I went there because of a somewhat famous immigrant ancestor. We skirted Quincy, and wished we had stopped. My boyfriend had just finished reading about the Adamses, but Hingham was an ancestral home, and time was short. I still wish we'd stopped in Q, even though we have been pronouncing it wrong. My Hingham post is here:

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