Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thursday is "This Old House Day"

Today's old house is one of Quincy's early apartment houses. Responding to the need of housing in the late 19th century, developers in Quincy built numerous double residences, traditionally designed apartment buildings and three-deckers. The larger later apartment buildings, such as The Walker Apartments (seen here) were built of brick, while the earlier ones, like today's post, was usually constructed in a current residential style.

This traditionally styled six-family apartment building had some details of the Shingle Style, in particular the prominent lozenge made up of diamond shaped shingles, a popular motif in Quincy, in-set on top of the porch. I like the double porches as well. This is a fine example of a late 19th century apartment building in Quincy.


brattcat said...

A fine example indeed. Thank you for giving it some context, Slim.

MCCasey said...

I don't remember seeing these, although I do remember being impressed with the old apartment building near the big fields by the waterfront..

SpottedLop said...

Thank you for posting this! I lived down the street for 15 years in another turn of the century apartment house. Always loved this building.

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