Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Ideal American Lighthouse

Boston Light is located on Little Brewster Island in outer Boston Harbor and is the site of the first lighthouse in North America, which was destroyed by the British as they were leaving Boston in 1776. The tower was rebuilt a few years later and is made up of rubble stone, granite and brick. It gets its electricity from Hull Wind. This is a designated National Historic Landmark and the only lighthouse in the U.S. to still have a keeper.

I added a little Photoshop "magic" to bring out the lines in the lighthouse and the craggy rocks it sits upon. Come back tomorrow to see the light keeper's house.


RNSANE said...

What an important lighthouse that is. I wasn't aware that there were no other lighthouses with keepers. Modern technology makes them unnecessary, I guess. It must have been a lonely job.

brattcat said...

Will we get to meet the lightkeeper, too?

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