Wednesday, October 19, 2011

School Days

Built in 1894, as Quincy's first high school, Central Middle School now serves 600 children in grades 6-8. Ground will be dug soon for a new $50 million school to replace this one. You can see a design of the new building here.

The new location will be a couple blocks away where St. Ann's School waits for demolition.The new school is projected to open in the fall, 2013.


Ali - Scituate Daily Photo said...

It makes me sad that St. Ann's is being razed, even though I have no personal connection to it. I did take my daughter there a few times to bowl with her fellow Girl Scouts, and went to a few playgroups that were held in some of their spaces... a lot of memories there for the families that went to St. Ann's.

Tandi said...

"Three cheers for Central, my Junior High...." (circa 1960's). I loved this school. Sad to hear it will be demolished......although they were talking about doing it back then!

Just found out my beloved Blue Hill Riding Academy was torn down.....which I was so attached to that the news of its demise feels like a death in the family.

Thank you for the photographic memories of my hometown.

Sarah said...

i don't understand why I'm so sad that Central is being torn down. It always seemed like such a grim building.

Never the less, I miss the days when school was serious business.

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