Thursday, October 03, 2013

Thursday is "This Old House" Day

The most famous "old house" in Quincy is shuttered due to the partial shut-down of government services.   As I approached the front door of the Adams Mansion, I was greeted by two Interior Department Park Rangers who were affixing a sign to the front door at 135 Adams Street.  They didn't want their picture taken because they said it was "too sad".  They were heading home to wait things out and hoping for "the best."

Before they left they greeted some tourists from Michigan who said they had planned their visit to the Adams National Historic Site over a year ago.  At least they got to visit the Adams' beautiful fall gardens. 

You have to wonder what our Founding Father, John Adams & his wife, Abigail and son, John Quincy would think of the recent actions of our Congress and more importantly how they might lead us out of this mess.

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