Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Barre, Vermont

Hope Cemetery in Barre, Vermont has some amazing monuments like this soccer ball dedicated to the memory of a young 13-year old soccer player who died 29 years ago.

Also engraved on the ball are the words: "There is no room for second place.  There's only one place and that's first place."  I'm sure this is the feeling of all the World Cup competitors.

 I was told by a local that each gravestone has a story behind it and that the stone carver usually had some kind of personal connection with the deceased.  The gravestones are all carved from Barre (light)
gray granite.

Some of the finest memorial designs and granite craftsmanship are on display here.  It's definitely worth a visit or three.

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Birdman said...

How long does the World Cup last?
Three years? hehehehehehehe

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