Monday, January 12, 2015

The Eagle Has Landed

Yesterday, I was treated to a sighting of an adult bald eagle and two youngsters flying over Blacks Creek and landing in the trees along Furnace Brook Parkway. 

I was only able to get a record shot with my point and shoot before they took off over Merrymount.

The estuary is partially frozen so I don't think the eagles will be harvesting too many fish here.

I played around with some post processing to bring out the details.
    Happy Monochrome Monday!

Here's my record shot with two of the eagles catching some air along the tree line.  I have been scanning the sky for these magnificent creatures for a few decades.  I was thrilled to see my first bald eagle in my home town. 

1 comment:

Dag said...

Nice shot, very fortunate to see them in Quincy. Spotted one about 25 years ago during an outing to Quabbin. Magnificent sight.

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