Friday, January 04, 2008

Coyote ruse

[click image to enlarge]

I recently drove by the snow covered soccer field behind Veteran's Memorial Stadium and was excited to see two coyotes just standing in the middle of the field. I hustled to get my camera aimed on them, took my shots, and began to wonder why the animals didn't move. If you enlarge the picture you'll see the excellent decoys. Apparently these decoys are fooling the Canadian Geese that used to hang out in this field but deposited lots of feces that in turn provided nasty conditions for our young soccer players and their parents who had to clean their cleats.


Lynette said...

OMG! What a novel idea. You must keep us posted as to whether or not it continues to keep the geese from parking there on the snow-covered soccer field. Did you laugh out loud when you discovered the truth?

Kate said...

Oh, I'm so disappointed! I was excited to see a real live coyote. Oh, well!!

• Eliane • said...

Ahaaaah!!! They fooled you too, he he. Beautiful picture.
I have a decoy on my little terrace too: since I forgot my bicycle there, no more pigeons! Efficient.

Bergson said...

the two coyotes did not move so that you make a success of the photograph

Dorothee said...

Wow! Great shot! These decoyes look so real! I have been tricked too!! Besides, it's not rare to see coyotes around, right?

We wish you a great year ahead with many more good pics.
Cheers from your neighbor,

slim said...

I'm so glad you all stopped by today.
Lynette- I'll try to keep up my watch on the geese.
Eliane- I had to smile and wonder who was watching me get goofed on. Yeah they fooled me real good ;-)
Dorothee- It's not so rare to see coyotes in Quincy. They seem to be making more guest appearances in residential areas as their habitats continue to be taken by eminent domain ;-(

eleanor said...

Anyone who wishes to see a coyote has only to come to Squantum after dark. It's become an ordeal to walk my little dog now.

sherry said...

I will write my blog with many pictures of animals but your idea is very spesical

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