Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twin Blooms

[click image to enlarge]

These white crocuses are a welcomed sight on the grounds of the Adams Mansion. There is always something new to catch my eye at this National Historic Site.


Walker said...

Beautiful, stunning.

Tash said...

It is a lovely composition. I am impressed by the detail you've gotten on a white flower.

brattcat said...

Slim, you've really captured the pure beauty of new life. This photo is filled with such a sense of hope. It begs the viewer to be 'in the moment'. Wonderful. And thank you for your very kind words. I feel the same way about your photographs and your reflections on others. What a great community this is.

Karine said...

This is a beautiful shot, absolutely stunning in its simplicity.

gbyue said...

It is a wonder of life that so beautiful flowers grow in hay. Optimism and strong will shown by the twin blooms can encourage us whenerver we are under adverse circumstances.

Snow Blossoms 2

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