Saturday, May 23, 2009

In Session

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This is the City Council Chamber, inside City Hall, where formal government sessions happen in Quincy. This is a very recent session of the school committee in which the superintendent is making a budget presentation to the public. Eight people comprise our school committee; one is always the mayor, one is always the superintendent of schools and 6 people are elected by the voting public.

The economic crisis is impacting the schools here. The budget proposed at this meeting would eliminate 5 middle school library and foreign language programs in those schools. Many teachers will be receiving their lay-off notices soon. It would also do away with the school system's printing shop. Apparently President Obama's stimulus package isn't quite enough to keep these educational necessities in place. We'll see. Quincy has 19 schools and a student enrollment of 9,000 students.

What's happening to the schools in your part of the world?

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brattcat said...

I haven't been to a school board meeting in some time. After serving on a school board many years ago I can vouch for the fact that it is not an easy job and no matter how much we tried to whittle the budget down the town always questioned us carefully at town meeting before approving and sometimes asked us to go back and cut more.

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