Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Worker Series

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Meet Bryan Egan, who along with his brother Greg, owns and operates Egan's Sunoco on Adams Street. Bryan and Greg took over the family business when their father retired in 1982. They are a full service gas station, state inspection station and will fix and maintain your car. They have employed many young people over the years including their own children.

Bryan noted that there used to be 9 gas stations located along Adams Street between Lakin Square and Furnace Brook Parkway; now there are 3. One of the reasons Egan's Service Station survives is because of the friendly, honest, top quality service they render to customers like me who keeps a car for many years beyond its warranty. One of my family cars is 13 years old . . . what year car do you drive?


brattcat said...

I think it might be worth driving to Quincy from Vermont to get my car serviced by this guy. He looks like such a good soul.

MarilynB said...

My car is a 2002 Honda Civic. I love Hondas! My previous car was a 1987 Honda which was still running well when I sold it in 2002. I keep cars a long time and they do last so long as they are regularly serviced.

DAG said...

I actually buy gas here. My car is also 13 years old, or was. Last night at 206,000 miles the transmission went. The car has lived it's life and will now be retired with dignity . Farewell faithful Dodge Caravan.

Rich said...

I could tell the Egans were freindly folks because they let us ice cream fans park in their lot while visiting Dairy Freeze.

slim said...

Rich- Your mention of the Dairy Freeze reminded me that Egan's Sunoco used to be located across the way on the land that the Dairy Freeze inhabits. They kind of switched places!

nyght said...

you just look like my grandfather. i miss you grand father. love you.


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