Friday, July 31, 2009

Granite Railway 3

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Today's continuing series brings us to a pile of rocks at the end of Bunker Hill Lane. What looks like a plain ol' pile of rocks is called a grout pile or the rejected stones for a project. It looks like "quality control" was in effect here. This is where the Granite Railway loaded up to begin its 3 mile run.

The large size stone with the split, in the image below, is a rejected stair made for the Bunker Hill Monument. The Bunker Hill Monument's rounded, conical` staircase has 224 stone stairs and moving stone there was the first commercial venture for the Granite Railway back in the 1820s.

I sure would like a stone wall made out of those rejects . . .

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John said...

Maybe you should write and illustrate a tour booklet on the railway for the Bunker Hill museum. Be a good project.

brattcat said...

It looks amazingly dry there. I went squishing through the woods yesterday. We've had so much rain that the trail is mud and puddles.

Birdman said...

A wonderful view of the Southend and the skyline of B-town from the top of the monument too. Worth the trrip up for sure!

Jacob said...

This is very couldn't have been an easy task moving those rocks around.

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