Monday, November 30, 2009

Water Feature

[click image to enlarge]

Ed Monti of Monti Granite designed this 11 foot granite fountain which was installed this past year to improve the Merrymount Park area. I am amazed that it is still flowing as we head into December.

This is my contribution to the Monochrome Monday group. If you like black and white images make sure to click here to see others from around the world.


John said...

It's nice to see that some people are still prepared to put private money into municipal works and features, it used to be such a part of the Victorian age, but has died away so much since.

brattcat said...

This working fountain has an understated grace which you capture eloquently with your lens.

In Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Nice capture - water stopped by a photograph has such a strange quality to it.
Three Rivers Daily Photo

awarewriter said...

Outstanding. You are a master of B&W. Thank you.

Beak Wilder said...

Slim, I gotta come clean. Brunk Edwards from the Scallion just mentioned to me that my poll that asks "Who was your favorite Quincy creepazoid" has an option for Slim.

This is a totally different Slim, from back when I used to hang out at the Quincy Center T-Station.

Yes, I hung out there. Moving on...

He didn't want you to think we meant you. Don't beat us up!!!