Monday, April 30, 2012

An Impressive 1000!

I had the pleasure to witness and record local resident Jeff Meenatoor pressing 1000 lbs. of weight for a "personal best" on the Leg Press at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy last week.  Looking on is his personal trainer, Scott Whitehead, who told me Jeff's inspiring story.  Seven months ago, with some urging from his wife,  Jeff started on a quest to improve his physical health.  He started pressing 90 pounds a mere 7 months ago and is seen here pressing 1000 pounds, which Scott told me is not only a great accomplishment for Jeff but very few individuals reach this level.  Jeff also lost 68 pounds in the process.  It takes great  determination to accomplish something like this ...  Keep up the great team work Jeff and Scott!

Happy Monochrome Monday everyone!


brattcat said...

we're cheering for you, jeff.

Maxime Lacasse said...

Great work ... It's great to see people achieving their goals !

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